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Child Custody Order From Outside Texas

Child Custody Order From Outside Texas Section 152 of the Texas Family Code is the Uniform Child Custody and enforcement Act that allows one to determine where and when to file a child custody order.  If you have a foreign order and want to modify, you would need to pull a certified copy and file it with the local court in the county that the child now resides.  After you serve it out, … Read more »


NONCONTESTED DIVORCE ROSENBERG TEXAS NONCONTESTED DIVORCE ROSENBERG TEXAS  is the quickest and the least expensive way to get divorced in Fort Bend County. In this type of divorce both parties are able to remove the emotional side of divorce and treat the process as a business transaction without the need of extensive litigation.  This also means that both parties make full disclosure as to assets and liabilities. To quality for an uncontested divorce both parties … Read more »

Uncontested Divorce Katy Texas

Uncontested Divorce Katy Texas, uncontested or noncontested divorce in Katy, Texas.   There are two courts in Fort Bend County to 387th and the 328th.  I regularly practice in front of both judges on a weekly basis.  Too have it uncontested or waiver divorce the party’s must be in agreement as to the property division.   If you tell me you have no property I understand community property is all property earned  and acquired during the marriage.  Separate property is property … Read more »

Restraining Order SugarLand

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Restraining Order SugarLand Restraining Order SugarLand  is used in a family law case attempts to preserve status well status quo means bills are paid, utility deposits are not withdrawn, account balance, is maintained other than reasonable and necessary expenses.   Typically you can have a hearing on the restraining order within 14 to 21 days.  Temporary orders in the divorce is also another term used  which means to keep everything together pending a final trial.  It can take anywhere from 9 … Read more »

Divorce Costs Houston Texas

Divorce Costs Houston Texas Divorce Costs Houston Texas at the law firm of Busby & Associates Attorney and Counselors at Law, P.C can run from as little as $400 to tens of thousands of dollars.  What are the factors that determine the costs?  If you have  fight then attorney time can quickly run up your bill.  If you have a deal, Then there is one meeting with the attorney and paralegals handle most … Read more »

Uncontested Divorce Agreement

Uncontested Divorce Agreement The contractual agreement for a uncontested divorce in Harris county allows you the client the following services: 1.  Final Decree of Divorce 2.  Waiver of Service 3. Bureau of vital statics form 4.  One court appearance The contract is attached for those interested.  You can call into the office for a telephonic interview and I will advise if you meet the requirements to contract for an uncontested divorce … Read more »

280th Protective Order Court

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280th Protective Order Court The 280th Protective order court is a Harris County, Texas family law court for which the only type of hearing are Chapter 85 of the Texas family court.  On the bench at this writing is Judge Lynn Bradshaw-Hull.  Judge Tony Lindsay was the 1st Judge to sit in the 280th after it was designated a domestic violence court.  This is the only court in Texas which hears … Read more »