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247th Divorce Court Houston Texas

Posted on : November 14, 2012 |
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 247th Divorce Court Houston Texas

The 247th Divorce Court of Houston Texas is located on the 15th floor of 201 Caroline in the new civil courts building of Harris County Texas. You can check documents filed in your case and pending settings by going to the district clerks website at district clerk. The 247th Divorce Court in Houston, Texas website can be found here.  Judge John Schmude has been on the bench since 2015 and serving as his associate, Judge Paula Vlahakos.

 Practicing law before the 247th Divorce Court Houston, Texas.

The presiding judge is Judge John Schmude. This is a family law district court of Harris County, Texas. The associate judge is Judge Paula Vlahokas. Mediation is required in this court for child custody cases and temporary orders hearing in which expect more than three hours.    The docket is called at 930 am. Uncontested start about about 830 am.  Both judges are new at this writing so little is know of their rules.  I have located a pdf of the courts policies 247.

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