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312th Judicial District of Harris County Texas Family Court

Posted on : September 3, 2012 |

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312th Judicial District of Harris County Texas Family Court


The Honorable David Farr of the 312th Judicial District Of Harris Court Texas Family Court is located on 201 Caroline 16th Floor Houston, Texas 77002 as of June 2, 2014.  I have 14 years of practicing law before the 312th Judicial
District of Harris County Texas Divorce Court. Judge Squire and
Judge Burg were for many years looked at as non-confrontational
and more of mediating judges than straight and fast ruling
judges. Judge Squire left the bench and was replaced by Judge
Farr. Judge Farr for many years was the associate in the 257th
Divorce Court of Harris County, Texas. During the 2008 election
in Harris County, the democrats made some surprising election
wins with the Obama excitement. This resulted in a Democrat,
Judge Hinojosa beating Judge Farr in the general election. Not
to be undone, Judge Farr was quick to come back in 2010 and
defeated the democrat to take back his place in the 312th.
Judge Burg, the associate for years, passed away and then was
replaced by Judge Shelton, who was the former associate for
Judge Warne in the 311th. Judge Shelton retired in 2012 and
Judge Gaffney took her place. This Court calls its docket at
9:00 a.m. every day and is typically on time. The Court also
allows late calls for those stuck in traffic or conflicted
another court without incident. The Court requires mediation
before a hearing on temporary orders in child custody cases and
also requires mediation before all final hearings. Judge Farr
is a Colonel in the Texas National Guard. His Court is orderly
and well respected. He has had logistical issues in running his
court due to a car accident with several of his staff at the
beginning of 2012. He quickly took steps to keep the cases
moving and give families the court they need. Cases are
typically brought to trial within 8 months in this court.
Continuances are given without comment if agreed. This court is
considered conservative, but by no means outdated or old
fashioned. Families in this court who need emergency relief can
usually get a hearing within 6 to 8 days. Others hearings
typically take 20-30 days from the date of the pleading filed
to be heard. My firm has tried over a dozen cases in the 312th
Divorce Court in the last 12 years. I typically appear once a
week in this court for some type of hearing.

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