Condonation as a form of defense for divorce

Author: | May 3rd, 2015 | Category : Houston Divorce Lawyer

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Condonation as a form of defense for divorce Statistics have shown that at least 40% of the marriages in the United States end in divorce. So, chances are that if you’re marrying, you may actually find yourself divorced after a decade or so. However, look at the scenario in some other way. At least 60% … Read more »

Divorce and Family law

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Divorce and Family law The ever famed quote, “The solely permanent issue in the world is amendment,” may be over used but it’s true. 2 folks that is also substantially in love nowadays and so determined to get married and have a family will never be sure of how they’re planning to be in a few years time. they will get on superb terms today however they could also be … Read more »

Easy Houston Divorce

Author: | April 30th, 2015 | Category : Houston Divorce Attorney

Easy Houston Divorce Couples typically divorce because they can no longer get along with one another. This makes it difficult, if not impossible, for them to agree on the major issues that need to be decided when a marriage is dissolved. Some couples are able to work through these issues on their own and simply reach to an easy divorce agreement.  An easy divorce is usually one that is uncontested. … Read more »

Non contested divorce

Author: | April 29th, 2015 | Category : Houston Divorce Attorney

Non contested divorce Non-contested divorce is usually the choice of couples who wish to end a marriage and separate the community asses without the public show in a courtroom. Couples who choose to divorce but want to remain amicable often choose non- contested divorce. Many couples find that non- contested divorce is not only more amicable but also less expensive than a long drawn out divorce with endless court appearance. … Read more »

Divorce lawyers for Sikhs in Houston

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Divorce lawyers for Sikhs in Houston If you are a sikh, then you lead a jolly life. Fun, entertainment and the love for people can be in your blood. However, there are times when relationships can turn sour. A marriage can break and lose its charm when there are people that do not have any love for each other. Mutual respect is also a very big thing. Without it, no … Read more »

Sikhism Marriage and Divorce

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Sikhism  Marriage and Divorce In Sikhism, marriage is obligatory for a Sikh. Sikhism rejects renunciation of the world. A Sikh must live the life of a householder. Except for unavoidable circumstances, a Sikh must not remain celibate. Sikhism does not deny the existence of a sexual being in a man: There is no (so-called sacred) thread for sex organs And there is no such thread for females Because of this … Read more »

The digital validity of Talaq

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The digital validity of Talaq The authority or right given to a man to divorce his wife by mere unequivocal statement. This authority remains with a man all the time during the married life, but giving talaq which in most cases end the marriage and make the wife free from the relationship that she previously held with him. Most importantly is that the consent of wife is not required in … Read more »

Ending relationships in arguments

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Ending relationships can be hard, especially when divorce will be involved. If you end the relationship in a fight, though, it can make it easier to do. You do not always have the courage to say what needs to be said during normal conversations or to just bring it up. Ending relationships in arguments and especially in big fights can help you to bring these topics up. Arguments can also … Read more »

Protective Orders In Texas Against Family Violence

Protective Orders In Texas Against Family Violence Texas Family Code provides protection against family violence committed by a family member as well as by an outsider who has/had a relationship with the petitioner. Protective order, also known as restraining order in some states, is a court order issued to protect the victims (or likely victims) of family violence. There are two terms that are used in this regard namely family … Read more »

Houston Christian divorce attorney

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A lawyer that represents you Houston has many types of Christian lawyers who will solve your legal cases. But you need a specific type of Christian lawyer in Houston, Texas that meet to your specific legal need. Christian attorneys provide services in all most all major areas of laws but some are specialized in specific categories. The Christian attorneys represent you in the court but the results depends on how … Read more »