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Houston Texas Divorce Court 310th Harris County

Posted on : November 15, 2012 |
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Houston Texas Divorce Court 310th Harris County

Houston, Texas Divorce Court 310th Harris County is a family law and divorce court located at 201 Caroline in the new civil courts buildings on the 15th floor.   Judge Millard is the presiding judge with Judge Moren her associate. The courts webpage can be found at  You can check on the status of your case by visiting the district clerks website at Judge Millards bio and personal page can be found at

 310th Divorce Court Practice and Procedure

310th is the only e-file family court at this writing.  You can fax-file no fee pleadings through the district clerk at the site above.  Fee filings must be filed with a service and paid via credit card.  The court will typically take a proposed order at entry but all supporting documents, i.e. bvs, focus form must be e-filed.  If you file on the 2nd floor, it will be rejected.The court does not require mediation before A temporary orders hearing. Uncontested divorces start at 8:30 am. The docket is called at 9 a.m. The uncontested usually start around 845 am. Some are called before docket with remainder heard after docket call. Judge Moren frequently calls the docket and then Judge Millard comes out to hear the cases. If you file a suit affecting the parent child relationship or a divorce with a co-respondent father who is not the husband, the court always requires DNA testing.  The parenting class requirement is not enforced in this court.  Cases are scheduled for dismissal after 5 months if service is made and an answer filed then an agreed scheduling order must be submitted with an order for mediation. Should you fail to attend mediation then your case will be dismissed. Should you call in late for trial without a notice of conflicts, your case may be dismissed.  This court is efficient. Rulings are predictable. The court is conservative.

 About the Author

Michael Busby Jr. is a divorce and family law attorney who practices in Harris County Texas and the counties that surround Harris County. He has been in practice for over 10 years and has tried over 100 cases.  Mike, frequently appears in the 310th court at least once a week,.  He is familiar with the policy and procedures of this Houston Texas Divorce Court 310th Harris County.   Our office is open until 8:30 p.m. on Wednesdays and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. for working folks.  Please call with your family law or divorce questions.

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