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Reality Bites: How to Survive Life after Houston Divorce

Author: | October 30th, 2013 | Category : Houston Divorce Attorney

Reality Bites: How to Survive Life after Houston Divorce Picture this—you’ve been married for more than twenty years, with two wonderful children who have grown up to be the best that they could ever be. You have devoted all your life in taking care of your husband and your kids. Suddenly, you have found yourself in the middle of a rocky marriage. It could be due to a third party … Read more »

Liquidating Your Marriage

Author: | October 15th, 2013 | Category : Houston Divorce Attorney

Liquidating Your Marriage  Divorce has become a common practice in today’s modern world. That is because in our modernizing world there are so many more stress factors than in the past, technology, money and the workload of our daily jobs being the main elements. Then there are the daily stressors like children. The main problem that arises out of all these stressors is that people can’t organise or prioritise. It … Read more »

Uncontested Divorce Houston No Children

 Uncontested Divorce Houston No Children Uncontested Divorce Houston No Children requires a simple final decree of divorce.  If you are not an attorney, then the time it takes to prepare the documents could be a chore.  My firm has dissolved over 2,000 unhappy marriages.  While the ending of the relationship is something to be mourned, it does mean a fresh start for the parties.  The form is standard which changes are made based on your … Read more »

Uncontested Divorce Houston Texas with Children

Uncontested Divorce Houston Texas with Children Uncontested Divorce Houston Texas Children requires a form final decree that is the  parties agreement.  This standard form can be adjusted based on your facts.  The form used below is a template that could be used on most divorces with children with minor changes to reflect the facts of your case.                                                                            NO. IN   THE MATTER OF § IN   THE DISTRICT COURT THE   … Read more »

Waiver Divorce Houston

Waiver Divorce Houston If you think you may have a deal with your spouse on the divorce, then you would want them to sign a waiver of service.  To serve someone with process starts at $60 and go run into several thousands dollars in their are in a foreign country.  The form of the waiver is below. The waiver is no good if you sign before the case is filed.  You … Read more »

Temporary Restraining Order

 Temporary Restraining Order The form used in below.  This is a standard form for divorces and many suit affecting the parent child relationship in Houston, Texas.  I typically appear in this type of hearing at least once a week. NO. _______________________ IN   THE MATTER OF § IN   THE DISTRICT COURT THE   MARRIAGE OF § § § AND §  JUDICIAL DISTRICT § § AND   IN THE INTEREST … Read more »

Divorce Agreement

Divorce Agreement When you have a divorce agreement or uncontested divorce in Houston, this means that there is no dispute over who gets what.  This can save both time and money for the husband and wife.  You start by filing an original “Petition for Divorce”.  This would be filed in the courthouse of the county in which you reside in Houston, Texas we file at 201 Caroline in the new civil courts … Read more »

Contested Divorce Houston Texas

Contested Divorce Houston Texas Before filing for divorce here are some pointers.  Be careful about destroying evidence as this may cause you problems later.  At the same time, you want to review this list and attempt to cushion any negative impact your actions prior to filing divorce may had on your decision making.  Some pointers for you: Do check social networking sites and possibly shut down; Do secure self and make provisions … Read more »